IP/ PBX Solutions

An IP PBX is a telecommunication device that provides voice connectivity to desk phones within a building. It oversees the outgoing and incoming calls across its telephone network using an internet connection.

  • IP– Internet Protocol (IP) is the method of transmitting data to another server. This technology means that calls are established over the internet.
  • PBX– A Private Branch Exchange is known as a PBX, which is an internal telephone network. A PBX exists on-premises, or you can host it from the cloud securely.

With the combination of multifaceted structures in PBX, we provide affable solutions which are flexible, extensible and easy to implement.

Adopting these systems ultimately enable corporations and businesses a cost effective solution by limiting the multiple charges incurred on conventional telephone services, granting the organization full control over their telephony services.

At AST, our robust VoIP solutions enable the delivery of voice and data over the same networks, resulting in massive infrastructure cost savings for organizations because the need to provide separate networks for voice and data can be eliminated.

Our strength lies in our team of strong and motivated voice and network engineers that are trained and certified across a wide range of brands and solutions. Our immense experience in designing, implementing and maintaining IP Telephony and Contact Centre systems and solutions ensures that your business is equipped with the most suitable voice, data and video communication solutions. On top of that, our structured and stringent work processes and professional post-sales support team provide the assurance that your communication systems operate reliably round the clock.