UPS Solutions

Anything You Need In Terms Of UPS

AST designs, creates and maintains UPS network infrastructures for government agencies, MNCs and SMEs.  We offer comprehensive technical support and maintenance packages to protect and secure your valuable data and deliver worth to your investment.


Whether you want to manage the UPS equipment onsite along with other network peripherals, remotely access your data infrastructure or simply reinforce the security against downtime, AST will help you choose the right solution, show you how to use it and ensure that maintenance procedure is in place.


At AST, we listen to your technology objectives, create a comprehensive and understandable proposal, and execute the project according to an agreed timeline. We can create a brand-new UPS infrastructure or overhaul an existing one.

Managed Services

We have the most complete and economical service package to maintain all aspects of your network’s integrity. By rigorously updating your service requirements, monitoring load consumption, maintaining hardware, data and power backups, our team works proactively to ensure your network’s stability and security.

Our support service operates on 24×7 basis. We will be pleased to arrange maintenance coverage that suits your company’s specific requirements.

Our Services Include:

  • Sales, service, repairs, parts and battery replacement.
  • Loaner program / health-check / trade-in.
  • Uninstallation / relocation.
  • Ad-hoc services and annual maintenance contract.
  • 8×5 / 24×7 comprehensive contract.
  • Cost-saving service plans.
  • Project implementation, consultation and overseas support.

Our engineers are experienced in and well-versed with:

  • Analytical and repair work.
  • Fault investigation.
  • Troubleshooting and formulating solutions.
  • Electrical-and-electronics repairs from nodes down to the component level.
  • Systems installation and final testing.
  • Part replacement, technical support, diagnostics and calibration for single-phase as well as three-phase UPS equipment.